MyPart was founded in 2016, and has been revolutionizing the music industry ever since!

A Short Summary

MyPart uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to solve a major music industry roadblock: unsolicited content is taboo, and nobody has time to review content (songs & lyrics) from millions of people who are looking for their big break.

MyPart’s A.I. is a game changer; our platform sifts through thousands of data points and looks into the ‘soul’ of a song to then sort by relevance to the famous performing artist of our user’s choice.  We have deals in place with Universal, Sony, Def Jam, Atlantic Records, and collect content for Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Aerosmith, just to name a few!

Where We Began?

The story of MyPart began in 1988.  Ronny Vance–President of Geffen Music in Los Angeles, was at the heigh of his career and would constantly have to be dealing with an avalanche of material that would come in the mail, unsure of what to do with it.

It’s 1995, and 11 year old Matan Kollnescher is writing his first few lines of basic code on his PC computer.  On the TV to the side, Matan notices Gwen Stefani performing “Don’t Speak” on MTV.  Gwen Stefani at the time, was just signed by none other than Mr. Ronny Vance (now President of Interscope Music).  Matan’s passion for music started to form at the same time for his passion for coding.  Because of Ronny, this memory of Matan’s was made possible of Gwen performing this song on MTV.

It’s 2008, and 7 years after Matan served in the Elite 8200 Intelligence unit of Israel’s Armed Forces.  Matan attended the Ramon School of Music, and started to come to the realization that analyzing lyrics, and harmony, and melody could be very interesting in uncovering the true potential of a song.  While Matan was discovering bad actors in the 8200 unit with his skillful coding abilities, he also realized that this technology could be put to use for something special–song discovery.

It is now 2015 and Matan is pursuing an MBA.  Ariel Gadilov meets Matan in an Entrepreneurship class for their MBA, where the students presented an idea and then were divided into groups to work on this idea and to create a Marketing plan for it.  As Ariel played the trumpet and had a background as a Musician, he found Matan’s idea very interesting and became passionate for it.

Ariel discovered through financial reports, that the negative aspects of the music business were only getting worse with the industry shifting towards free streaming music services.  More importantly, Ariel also discovered that the Music Publishers still maintained their power and money earned through copyrights and royalties.  Ariel and Matan came together with the simple idea: bring the songwriter to the right performing artist!  Then came the idea of facilitating all the copyrighting aspects of this idea, combined with Matan’s development of the Artificial Intelligence for the eventual MyPart music platform.

In 2018, MyPart is a full scale startup with significant funding from Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.  Ariel Gadilov (CEO) is keeping things legal, Matan (CEO) is developing the A.I. with Sivan (Senior Programmer), and Ronny Vance (Head of MyPart Publishing) is connecting us with important individuals who are active in the Music Industry.

Other key members of the team are Dr. Ari Katorza (Senior Music Researcher), Evan Bogart (Head Coach), Zack Martin (Director of Marketing & Head of Growth), and Bar Pereg (Marketing & BD Consultant).

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