Tired of the avalanche of solicited and unsolicited material coming your way? Overwhelmed with the massive amount of content, and not enough personnel to review it? Unsure of what you have in your catalogue because there aren’t enough eyes or ears to go through everything?
Finally, a deep technology for Music Publishing Executives!

MyPart has developed a game changing Artificial Intelligence that breaks down the deepest parts of a song by rhythm, harmony, lyrics, and much more! The soul of the song, if you will.

Here’s how it works

You define a musical benchmark (of reference songs) and MyPart’s system serves as an extension of your ears.
MyPart’s A.I. prioritizes by relevance any number of submissions by the likelihood of matching based upon the benchmark you give it. 

1. A producer/artist is seeking a very specific type of song…nothing is connecting from the traditional sources you  ordinarily look through. 
MyPart scans your catalogue to find “long lost songs” that have the melodic, harmonic, or lyrical “DNA” and produces a prioritized list of these songs you perhaps didn’t even know existed.
2. The Synch department has received a request and provided is a temp-track that consists of multiple song possibilities. They need the perfect song for a new commercial.

MyPart analyzes the characteristics of the temp track that was provided, and scans through your entire catalog.  MyPart then selects songs and prioritizes them based upon the benchmarks you set around this temp track.

We look forward to working with you!

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